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How to Spot Treat with Tea Tree Oil

Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Spot Treatment?

We all get those breakouts when we least want it that may end up ruining pictures and events. Fortunately, there are products out there that can help treat these blemishes to reduce the appearance and redness. A natural alternative to chemical spot treatments is using a tea tree essential oil spot treatment to help stop those blemishes in its tracks!

Why spot treat with tea tree oil?

Tea tree essential oil is made by steam-distilling the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia. It has a fresh and woodsy aroma that is not overwhelming. Tea tree essential oil is naturally astringent, cleansing, and soothing on the skin. When used on the skin, it helps calm inflammation and reduce the appearance of blemishes and redness. As an essential oil, it is usually high in concentration and can cause irritation on the skin when it is not used correctly. In order to safely utilize the benefits of tea tree essential oil, we must first learn to dilute tea tree oil for spot treatment.

How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil for Spot Treatment

To spot treat with tea tree oil, it is important to understand that essential oils need to be diluted before using it on the skin. Due to the concentration of essential oils, it can cause irritation and even burn delicate skin. To dilute essential oils, you need to use a carrier oil. Water does not work to dilute essential oils, because oil and water do not mix and only causes the oil to clump together. Essential oils blend well with carrier oils, as their compositions are similar enough to disperse the essential oil more evenly. To dilute tea tree oil for spot treatment, we follow this rule: For every drop of tea tree essential oil, use one tablespoon of a carrier oil. We recommend using jojoba oil or hemp seed oil, as these tend to be suitable for most people. If you find that you are very sensitive, want to take extra precautions, or want to use your tea tree oil mixture on your entire face, blend an extra tablespoon of your carrier oil (two more extra tablespoons if you are using the mixture on your entire face). Make sure that you stir your mixture well before attempting to spot treat with tea tree oil. Apply the mixture with your finger or, for cleanliness, a cotton swab.