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5 Essential Oil Hair Growth Recipes you Need to Try

Many with oily hair are terrified about applying oil to their scalp. Little do they know, oil is actually very beneficial for your scalp. Your scalp contains glands that produce sebum, the skin’s natural oil. This oil is supposed to keep your scalp lubricated, but with washing, dead skin and air pollutants. The oils get stripped from your scalp causing lack of dry itchy flaky skin and lack of hair growth.

Using essential oils for a natural hair growth remedy is an ideal solution because it balances the oil producing glands of the scalp. We have a 5 essential oil recipes that can help revive and promote healthy hair growth.

Black Seed Hair Growth Oil 

Black seeds anti inflammatory benefits when diluted can soothe a sensitive scalp, flakiness and sensitivity. Black Seed Oil has been known to strengthen hair follicle and prevent hair loss. Rubbing Black seed oil daily can boost hair growth.

Learn this how to make this easy Hair Growth Oil recipe using Black Seed Oil