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Carrot Seed Oil for Skin Benefits

Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil for skin


Everyone remembers the old saying, “You better eat your carrots!” Your mother was not lying about the many benefits that carrot has.  However, we’re going to shift our focus to the benefits of carrot seed oil for skin. Extracted through the cold-pressing method, carrot seed oil comes from the seed from the carrot plant. Its native origins can be traced back to Egypt, France and India where people used carrot seed oil for skin to improve their complexion. Carrot seed oil is known for antioxidants and helping to eliminate free radicals. Even in your organic sunscreens, you can find that carrot seed oil is included in the ingredients. Carrot seed oil is a great addition to your skincare routine to help promote brighter, smoother skin.

Uses of Carrot Seed Oil:

Many people are turning to use carrot seed oil for skin, and once you study the benefits, it becomes obvious why. Due to the high content of carotol, a gentle nutrient for extremely sensitive skin, to help turn dull skin into brighter, firmer skin that radiates beauty. So, anyone with dull, lifeless skin should definitely look for carrot seed oil in their skin care products. Carrot Seed Oil for skin also provides enough moisture without clogging pores, making it perfect for all skin types to use. Your skin is the largest organ of your whole body! It deserves love.

Complexion issues? No problem. OPO Carrot Seed Oil can cover that too. Carrot Seed Oil for skin helps with evening out your skin tone to give your skin a fresher look. Even better part? Carrot seed oil contains a sweet and earthy smell to it that many find enjoyable.

Not only is this product great for nourishing your skin, but it is known to help give your hair a healthy shine and promote hair growth. Carrot seed oil is moisturizing, which is great for restoring the health of dry, brittle hair. Healthy hair has a tendency to grow faster, so carrot seed oil can help in this regard.

How to Use Carrot Seed Oil for Skin:

In the morning, add 2-3 drops of carrot seed oil to your moisturizer or add it directly to your dry, toned skin. Follow up with your sunscreen to complete your morning skin routine.

For dry or damaged hair, use carrot seed oil with Jojoba oil to treat your hair with natural, organic products.

Use on dry hands and feet to help soften and moisturize the skin.