Lavender Hydrosol


Botanical Name: Lavendula officinalis (angustifolia)

Common Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Uses: Calming, soothing, sleep aid

Aromatic Description: Soft, subtly sweet, floral


Lavender Floral Hydrosol

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Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, hydroflorates, flower waters, essential water, herbal water or distillates, have many uses for beauty, home, and more! Our organic hydrosols are produced by steam-distilling botanical material. They have similar properties to their essential oil counterparts, but are much less concentrated. Lavender floral hydrosol is made as a by-product of lavender essential oil and contains the same aromatic, floral scent that helps promote sleep, calms moods, and relaxes tension in muscles. Use lavender floral hydrosol daily as a facial toner, room freshener, or aromatherapeutic purposes.

Lavender floral hydrosol makes a great toner, as it helps calm inflammation and hydrates the skin to keep it feeling soft and healthy. Its soothing properties is great for irritated or sensitive skin. This hydrosol is gentle on skin, and blends great with chamomile hydrosol. Use lavender floral hydrosol as a facial spray to tone your skin daily! After cleansing your skin, pat dry and spray the hydrosol toner. Pat your skin until fully absorbed, and apply your moisturizer. You may find that your skin benefits from using a calming toner.

Lavender scents are often used at night time as it has a tendency to help soothe agitation and anxiousness. Add lavender floral hydrosol to your bathwater to soak in its relaxing aromas and melt away your stress in the warm waters. You can blend with other floral scents, such as neroli or rose, for a at-home spa experience. Or spray on your pillows as a natural sleep aid. Try our lavender hydrosol and see the difference it can have on your life!


Shelf Life: Users can expect a shelf life of 2 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration is optional, but may extend the life of your hydrosol.

We buy our products from organic certified supplier, made with organic ingredients.

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