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Cumin Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Cuminum Cyminum

Common Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Parts Used: Seeds

Consistency: Medium

Perfumery Note: Middle-Base

Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium to Strong

Aromatic Description: Spicy, earthy

Cumin Essential Oil

Cumin Seed Essential Oil

Cumin Essential Oil is a steam-distilled essential oil produced from the cumin seeds, Cuminum cyminum that has a warming sensation when applied topically. As with most essential oils, cumin seed essential oil needs to be diluted before used on the skin. Dilution allows for the safe application of cumin essential oil on the skin. Cumin essential oil is thought to help stimulate the digestive system and warm up your body.

How to Use Cumin Essential Oil

To use cumin seed essential oil topically, it is necessary to use a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil. Essential oils are concentrated and can cause irritation and burns if used directly on the skin. Diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil allows for safe usage, allowing your skin to benefit from the essential oil without harm. Blend a couple drops of cumin seed essential oil with jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil to create a warming massage oil.

Or, if you have a diffuser, diffuse the cumin seed essential oil in a room to stimulate appetites before a meal. Some people enjoy the scent of cumin seed essential oil and use the oil as a part of their aromatherapy routine. Simply dilute the essential oil, place under your nose, smell, and enjoy.

While many wonder how to use cumin essential oil, it may surprise you to know it can be a versatile essential oil. Try our cumin seed essential oil today and see how it can help your life!


Important Note: The essential oil information provided within the Essential Oil Properties & Profiles area is intended for educational purposes only. This data is not considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate.

General Safety Information: Do not take any essential oils internally without consultation from a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Do not apply undiluted essential oils, absolutes, CO2s or other concentrated essences onto the skin. If you are pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, have cancer, or have any other medical problem, use essential oils only under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Use extreme caution when using oils with children and give children only the gentlest oils at extremely low doses. It is safest to consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using essential oils with children. A skin patch test should be conducted prior to using an essential oil that you’ve never used before.

Shelf Time: 3 years when it is store in a cool dry place protected from sunlight


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