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Despite the fact that using oils for skin is considered stupidity or recklessness, there are a few oils that do not do the outrageous damage that people believe them to cause so. One of these oils is maracuja oil.


All-natural passion fruit oil, or maracuja oil as we usually refer to it these days, is conceived from the passion flower plant. The fruit originates from South America and South Africa, even though nowadays it is usually grown in Australia and in these past years, Hawaii has also started supplying this fruit and oil. Maracuja oil is usually available in a light yellow color, but now we get vibrant yellow colored oil as well.

Benefits of passion fruit oil on skin are countless, which arises the question: how to use maracuja oil on face? There are multiple reasons to take advantage of the benefits of passion fruit oil on skin. Some of the ways all-natural passion fruit oil can be utilized are:

  • One of the biggest benefits of passion fruit oil on skin is that it can be a moisturizer for all skin types. It doesn’t matter whether your skin is dried to the point of flakiness, or looks like a grease factory, maracuja oil is the perfect moisturizer for you. You were wondering how to use maracuja oil on face, right? Buddy, moisturize with it!
  • We think passion fruit oil should be renamed to “jack of oil trades”  because it is not just good for skin; it is also a miracle worker for hair because it is very rich in fatty acids. It can help you get rid of a dry, itchy scalp as well as dandruff and damaged hair.
  • All-natural passion fruit oil helps strengthen nails and hair from the roots to prevent their breakage, by provide appropriate amounts of humidity to them.
  • Adding to the benefits of passion fruit oil on skin is the fact that maracuja oil is known for helping repair damaged skin. It doesn’t matter if the cause is too much tanning or acne or some other skin conditions. It possesses anti-inflammatory qualities which tone down the redness and inflammation of skin and prevent scarring, bringing about a “calming effect” on the skin.
  • Still not convinced and need another explanation on how to use maracuja oil on face? Use it as an effective emollient. An emollient is an ingredient which helps keep your skin moisturized and supple by making up for loss of water from the epidermis.
  • All-natural passion fruit oil has itch-relieving properties so whenever you feel like scratching your limb off, gently rub some of this oil on the affected area.
  • Still wondering about how to use maracuja oil on face? Because of the large quantity of Vitamin A, you can apply it on your face and diminish the appearance of creases and lines.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even we have often found ourselves wondering how to use maracuja oil on face. We hope you’ve found your answer now about the benefits of passion fruit oil on skin.