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Repair and strengthen your hair with Hemp Oil Conditioner

Hemp is more commonly known as a cannabis sativa strain. Hemp seed oil, however, does not have any THC or CBD. It is grown in the northern hemisphere for industrial uses such as for making paper, textiles, clothing, paint and animal feed. It is legal to use in certain parts of the United States of America and Europe. Hemp is known to contain many fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients which are very beneficial for the human body. Many countries and places around the world grow hemp specifically for its oil. This is because hemp oil has great benefits for the hair and for the skin as well. Many researches have also shown that hemp oil  can penetrate much deeper into the skin and scalp without leaving a greasy feel.

Which is why hemp oil is often added in skin care and hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair and skin oils, lotions, etc. Here are a few benefits of hemp oil conditioner for the hair:

Injects Moisture Into The Hair And Scalp

Hemp oil conditioners are commonly used for their capability of moisturizing the hair and scalp. The hair tends to become dry, brittle and with develops split ends during dry weathers or when you spend too much time in the sun. Using too many chemical agents on your hair can also make your hair and scalp lose moisture. Hemp oil conditioner helps inject that moisture back into the scalp and hair and locks it in to prevent the loss of moisture. By giving the moisture back to your scalp, hemp oil conditioner can also help soothe the itchiness on your scalp and help with dandruff.

Stimulates Hair Growth

There is not much evidence that is available to prove that hemp oil conditioners do stimulate hair growth. However, studies have shown that hemp oil conditioners tend to contain omega-9, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are responsible for stimulating hair growth. The hemp oil conditioner helps, by stimulating new hair growth, to retain the keratin in the hair as well. Massaging hemp oil conditioner can also help with the blood circulation in the scalp.

Hair Strengthener

When the hair becomes dry, it loses its elasticity ,moisture content and becomes prone to breaking. However, hemp oil conditioner can help bring back that moisture into your hair and scalp. With more moisture in your hair and scalp, your hair will become strong and elastic and less prone to breaking. It is known to give life to your hair. This is because the hemp oil in the hemp oil conditioner is known to be packed with lipids.

The lipids in the hemp oil conditioner are known to be the same as the natural lipids in the hair. Which is why using hemp oil conditioner is a great way to protect the hair from dehydration, dryness and brittleness. Hemp oil itself is also known to contain  EFA linoleic acid which is known to have many therapeutic effects for the hair specifically.