Chia Seed Oil 100% Pure



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  • Skin brightener
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Chia Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic

Chia Seed Oil: 100% Pure / Natural / Undiluted / Cold Pressed Carrier Oil for Skin, Hair, Lip and Nail Care. 

Botanical Name: Salvia Hispanica

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Description: This undiluted organic and moisturizing Chia Seed Oil quickly absorbs for firmer, brighter, smoother skin. Pure Organic Chia Seed Oil is a remarkable and stable source of omega-3 essential fatty acids (up to 65%) and omega-6 essential fatty acids (up to 21%). Pure Organic Chia Seed Oil is also a noteworthy source of amino acids, B-vitamins and minerals, including zinc, and when applied it makes skin appear brighter and more radiant. This oil is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), a requirement for healthy skin cells that the body cannot produce on its own. The omega-3 essential fatty acids and B-vitamins found in Organic Chia Seed Oil contribute to its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory. Organic Chia Seed Oil is heralded as an effective ingredient for helping to combat an array of stubborn skin conditions and for scar prevention. The antioxidant and amino acid composition makes it a nourishing addition to an anti-aging skin regiment. The concentration of zinc combined with its ability to regenerate tissue may also help to combat acne and acne scars.

Color: Light yellow to yellow green liquid.

Aromatic Description: Organic Chia Seed Oil has no scent.

Common Uses: Chia Seed Oil FOR FACE: A few drops are sufficient to apply to clean, dry skin on face and neck. This powerful, precious oil replaces your nighttime moisturizer. It is non-greasy and non-oily and absorbs into the skin very easily and does not leave an oily feel. FOR HAIR: Add 2-3 drops to your own favorite shampoo or conditioner. It gives the hair freshness, brilliance and luster. FOR FACE & BODY: Just mix a few drops of Organic Chia Oil with your favorite cream, lotion, make-up remover, shower and bath gel, shampoos, face mask, sunscreen products and various lip balms. This oil is absorbed very easily by the skin and helps the cells to rejuvenate. You will love this

Absorption: Absorbs easily into the skin

Shelf Time: 3 years when it is store in a cool dry place protected from sunlight

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