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Essential oils are an oil which has typically been distilled—usually using steam or water—from the bark, leaves, flower, roots, or other parts of the plant.

Most of your essential will be good for up to 3 years if stored properly.

Organic Pure Oil’s Apple seed oil contains compounds that stimulate collagen in the skin. Apple seed oil imparts elasticity and softness to the skin. Since apple seed oil helps in collagen production and activation, it makes the skin look youthful and firm.

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Not typically. If you are using a dark oil though, it may stain.

No, they aren’t. Essential oils are distilled from plants. Fragrance oils are synthetically created in a laboratory.

We’ve established long-standing relations with our essential oil vendors, and we purchase them in large quantities that qualify for bulk discounts, which we then pass on to consumers in the form of everyday low pricing.

Certain essentials oils are considered too powerful for use during pregnancy as they may stimulate the production of certain hormones and can encourage bleeding.

Made from Moroccan argan nuts, Organic Pure Oil’s pure argan nut oil is great to moisturize dry skin and damaged hair, as it is rich in naturally-occurring nutrients and antioxidants. Argan nuts, which originated from Morocco, is known as “Liquid Gold” and gets it name from its miraculous ability to heal skin and hair.

Camphor essential oil, also known as white camphor essential oil, is extracted by steam-distilling the wood of the camphor tree. Camphor essential oil in aromatherapy is popular because its strong aroma helps ease breathing and promotes motivation and focus.

Since cypress has a fresh aroma, it may be beneficial to blend cypress essential oil with other fresh and cool essential oils. Mixed with other fresh and cooling essential oils, such as eucalyptus essential oil and spearmint essential oil, you can make an easy inhalants to help open your sinuses and make it easier to breathe when you have a cold.