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Benefits & Uses of Golden Jojoba Oil

Everyone wants to have lustrous and shiny hair but pollution, over-usage of commercial products and using heat for styling can damage your hair. Damaged hair then becomes dry, breaks easily and looks dull. However, using Jojoba Oil in hair you can repair the damage done to your hair and restore it to its former glory.

Unrefined, cold pressed Jojoba Oil is famous in the health and beauty industry due to its many benefits. It promotes skin health, hair health, has anti-bacterial abilities and can be used as a natural makeup remover too. However, today I will be discussing the benefits of using Jojoba Oil for stronger, healthier hair.

Here are a few benefits and uses of Golden Jojoba Oil on your hair.

  1. Scalp Moisturizer

The molecular structure of the golden Jojoba Oil is very much similar to that of sebum. Sebum is a substance which is produced by your body’s sebaceous glands that coats your hair and scalp, keeping them moisturized. Putting Jojoba Oil in hair makes the scalp and hair moisturized taking on the role of the natural oils produced by your body.

Use Jojoba Oil for stronger, healthier hair as this improves the health of your hair by optimizing the production of sebum.

  1. Scalp Cleanser

Due to your hair being exposed to dirt, pollution, commercial products and also over production of sebum there can be a build-up on your scalp. This build-up can cause your hair follicles to clog and lead to unhealthy hair. Unrefined, cold pressed Jojoba Oil can be used to cleanse your scalp. Putting Jojoba Oil in hair dissolves sebum and any other kind of build-up on your scalp.

  1. Controls Hair Loss

Although it is normal to lose around 100 strands of hair each day, when the fallen hair looks more than a 100 it is a cause of worry. Use Jojoba Oil for stronger, healthier hair as it can dissolve the dirt and sebum build-up, unclogging pores which is one of the primary reasons of hair fall. golden Jojoba Oil nourishes hair follicles and the hair shaft, making sure that your hair grows out healthy.

  1. Natural Conditioner

Unrefined, cold pressed Jojoba Oil is a great natural deep conditioner. Use Jojoba Oil for stronger, healthier hair as it can smooth down the hair cuticles and forms a protective layer on top of your hair shaft which means the moisture in your hair stays locked in. The cuticles rise when they are damaged and your hair’s natural moisture is lost.

  1. Helps Control Dandruff

Jojoba Oil in hair can be used to control dandruff as it has antimicrobial properties. Golden Jojoba Oil has moisturizing and nourishing properties along with the antimicrobial abilities that enable it to soothe your scalp, relieve inflammation, curb irritation and condition your scalp and hair follicles. This not only relieves dandruff but keeps your hair healthy as well.

Use Jojoba Oil for stronger, healthier hair but make sure that you are using an organic product for the best results.