After rigorous testing to ensure that no harmful ingredients have sneaked through, the raw materials go through a strictly controlled process, and our organic oils are created: cold pressed, unrefined, pure, and of pharmaceutical grade.


    For our customers and the natural environment, we promise to only source organic Material and never stock conventionally grown products. When organic materials are not available, we opt for those cultivated without chemicals or synthetic inputs.


    Quality begins when dealing with farmers, and sourcing only the best, 100% organic and natural. The soil must be perfectly healthy, and only organic farming methods are acceptable – no pesticides or GMOs whatsoever. We create our products to help people and to improve their health and well-being, so it is very important to us not to contribute to the pollution of the environment in the process.


    After years of maintaining the highest manufacturing standards, Organic Pure Oil has built an enviable reputation of reliability for solving the most complex oils challenges. Our unique understanding of oils , raw materials and skin care products is why so many leading companies choose to partner with us to develop cutting edge products. It is through these premium products that our partners are able to build their own stellar reputations and deliver on their brand promise.


    We are specialized in manufacturing, filling ,private label and trading all kind of skin care and natural products. From the aromatherapy massage oils, organic pure oils, natural butters, blended oils, and treatment oils, through nail treatment, scrubs, hydrosols, raw material, tincture, and botanical extract, to skin care oil, hair care oil, essential oil formulas, and the purest therapeutic essential oils in the world.

Organic pure oil

Organic Pure Oil – OPO Policy Is To Offer The Finest Quality From Around The World At Market Leading Prices With No Gimmicks But We Never Sacrifice Quality For Price. If you are looking for high-quality organic oils and raw materials at competitive wholesale prices for the health, beauty and wellness sectors, you have found your source. Our objective is to offer the finest, purest and most natural products at competitive wholesale prices.

photo_home_1Organic pure oil – OPO is the world’s leading brand of all Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Emu oil,  Coconut oil, Hemp seed oil, etc… Our extra virgin organic oil are cold-pressed, great for medicinal, cosmetic and daily use.

From the moment the seeds are purchased to the time it has been pressed and filled in a stainless steel drums we monitor and log each and every step of the process to fulfill our quality promise to our customers. From harvest site inspection, and pre-ship screening, to comprehensive laboratory analysis, we complete a thorough program before allowing our oils to be sold to our customers.

photo_home_2Also Organic Pure Oil – OPO uses the finest, purest oils and essential oils to manufacture bulk massage oils at very competitive prices. Our prices are the cheapest in comparison to the highest quality that we offer.
Our line of aromatherapy Massage Oil is 100% organic, natural, free from pesticides, solvents, preservatives and contaminants. The oils may be used in massage, baths, footbaths, air fresheners, for inhalation, skin rub, perfumes, or vaporization.



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